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8 Shows to Watch While You Await the Return of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine from Fox
Brooklyn Nine-Nine from Fox

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has captivated fans everywhere with its goofy humor, rich characters, and hilarious storylines. The police ensemble sitcom follows the happenings at Brooklyn’s 99th precinct, garnering a number of Golden Globes, Emmys, and other awards over the course of its five-year run.

In May 2018, Fox announced that it would cancel the beloved show after five seasons. The enormous backlash from social media following the news led to what fans considered a miracle. Mere days after Fox dropped Brooklyn Nine-Nine, NBC announced it would pick up the show.

While this is definitely great news, it’ll take the series some time to actually go back on the air. Previously, new seasons of the show premiered in late September. This time, it won’t return until early 2019.

Fear not, however, for there’s definitely a lot of great television to watch in the meantime! So without further ado, here are some feel-good comedy shows that’ll make you happier than Sergeant Terry Jeffords with yogurt!

The Office


We would be remiss not to include The Office on this list. While Michael Schur started off with writing for Saturday Night Live, The Office, which he executive produced, made him a household name long before he helmed Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Good Place. The offbeat, warm workplace comedy revolves around the silly antics of a salesman named Michael Scott and his team at the paper company Dunder Mifflin. Schur himself also pops up every so often as Dwight’s cousin, Moses.

Angie Tribeca


Speaking of Michael Scott, Steve Carell created Angie Tribeca with his wife, Nancy Carell, a couple years after leaving The Office. The hilarious half-hour comedy spoofs police procedural shows, starring the lovely Rashida Jones as the titular LAPD detective, Angie Tribeca. You could almost liken it to a Los Angeles version of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which takes place in, of course, Brooklyn. Fun fact: Andy Samberg, who plays Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Jake Peralta, co-starred with Jones in the movie Celeste and Jesse Forever.

Parks and Recreation

Yup, this is another Michael Schur show — in fact, it’s the one he worked on right before Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The series centers on the Parks and Recreation department of the fictional town Pawnee, Indiana. It features the hilarious Amy Poehler as the do-gooder deputy director in the department who is passionate about her job but must deal with her unenthusiastic staff.

New Girl


Zooey Deschanel popularized the term adorkable when she portrayed the lovable schoolteacher Jessica Day, who lives in an apartment with three men who later become her closest friends. The series revolves around her goofy misadventures with her roommates as well as her best friend Cece. Deschanel also guest-starred as Jessica Day in an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine!

The Good Place


The Good Place captures the goofy, bright, and happy sensibility of any given Michael Schur show. It stars Ted Danson as Michael, the architect of a town where good people go after they die, and Kristen Bell as Eleanor, a woman who’s certain that she doesn’t belong there. While she’s there, Eleanor tries her best to not have her cover blown while learning how to be a good person from her ethics scholar soulmate, Chidi. If you stick around long enough, you’ll find that the show has one hell of a twist towards the end of the first season.

Saturday Night Live


Saturday Night Live isn’t a conventional half-hour comedy, so to speak. Still, it’s the birthplace of some of the funniest people on TV, including Andy Samberg himself. From 2005 to 2012, Samberg performed in various sketches and popularized SNL Digital Shorts with his band, The Lonely Island. If you go back to his episodes, you’ll also recognize his some of his fellow cohort members, including Seth Meyers, Bill Hader, and Kristen Wiig.

Trial & Error


In each season of Trial & Error, a passionate young New York defense lawyer named Josh Segal takes on a new eccentric case. Through the mockumentary form, the show takes a humorous jab at the true crime genre. If you’ve recently binged The Staircase on Netflix, you might recognize that Segal’s client Larry Henderson, a poetry professor, is loosely based on the documentary’s subject Michael Peterson.



Much like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Superstore features goofy premises and a diverse cast. It stars America Ferrera as Amy Dubanowski, a hardworking employee of the store Cloud 9. It shows the relationships between the managers, associates, and temporary hires of Cloud 9 and how they deal with the toughest customers.

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