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A Cross-Generational Look at Samuel L. Jackson Movies

Samuel L. Jackson has starred in over 100 movies in his illustrious career. This cross-generational look at his work will explore his various roles and how his performances have varied across different decades. Samuel L. Jackson is a Hollywood legend; this blog post will show why!

Samuel L Jackson Movies
Samuel L Jackson Movies

Samuel L. Jackson: A Career of Memorable Movies

Samuel L. Jackson has been a star since 1989’s “Do the Right Thing,” and he’s been in countless movies ever since. From action-packed thrillers to serious dramas, Samuel L. Jackson has never shied away from tackling any genre head-on. Some of his most memorable roles can be seen in Pulp Fiction, Die Hard 3, The Negotiator, and Unbreakable. Samuel L. Jackson is an actor capable of playing both the comedic sidekick and the leading man! It’s no wonder that Samuel L. Jackson has such an extensive career in Hollywood; he brings something special to every role he takes on.

Samuel L. Jackson in the ‘90s

Samuel L. Jackson’s career took off in the ’90s, with memorable performances in Jurassic Park, Die Hard With a Vengeance, and The Negotiator. Samuel L. Jackson has a knack for playing powerful and witty characters, which was especially true during this decade. His role as Jules Winnfield in Pulp Fiction elevated him to star status, and since then, he has become one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actors. Samuel L. Jackson made sure that each of his characters had an emotional depth; the audience truly believed him as he played these roles onscreen!

Samuel L. Jackson in the 2000s

The 2000s saw Samuel L. Jackson reach new fame and fortune. His roles in Shaft, Unbreakable, and The Incredibles were huge successes. Samuel L. Jackson isn’t afraid to take on roles that require him to dramatically change his look; whether he’s playing the suave John Shaft or the menacing Elijah Price in Unbreakable, Samuel L. Jackson brings something unique to each character he plays. Samuel L. Jackson also knows how to bring out the best in his co-stars; his scenes with Bruce Willis in Die Hard With A Vengeance are still some of the best action sequences ever filmed!

Samuel L. Jackson in Recent Years

Samuel L. Jackson is still strong, and his most recent performances have been as powerful as ever. In 2019 Samuel L. Jackson starred in Captain Marvel, Spider-Man: Far From Home, and Shaft. Samuel L. Jackson continues to prove himself as one of the best actors of our time; he can play both comedy and drama with ease and elegance! Whether it’s a superhero or an FBI agent, Samuel L. Jackson knows how to bring each character to life in a unique way that only he can do.

Samuel L. Jackson’s Legacy

Samuel L. Jackson has impacted Hollywood during his career, and it doesn’t seem like he’s slowing down anytime soon! Samuel L. Jackson’s signature look and personality have become a staple in the entertainment industry, and it’s no wonder that fans from all generations recognize his face when they see it. Samuel L. Jackson may be best known for his movie roles, but he has also done voice-over work in several popular animated movies. Samuel L. Jackson is a Hollywood legend; this blog post has shown why!


Samuel L. Jackson is one of Hollywood’s most iconic actors. From his early roles in Do the Right Thing and Pulp Fiction to his more recent performances in Captain Marvel, Samuel L. Jackson has shown that he can take on any role and bring something special to it. Samuel L. Jackson’s career spans decades, and he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon! He will continue to be a big-screen legend for generations to come!

Written by Angie

Marketing Campaign Manager at Reelgood. She is a loving mother who enjoys nothing more than spending quality time with her three children. She loves to watch movies together, laugh, and enjoy the entertainment that comes with a good movie. Afterward, she likes to talk about the movie with her kids and share their favorite parts. It is one of her favorite activities to do with her children and creates memories that will last a lifetime.

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