Reelgood acquires Guidebox to bring its universal search and discovery to more platforms


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reelgood acquires guidebox

Somewhere along this journey into the “Golden Age of Television”, we got lost. All these must-watch shows, all buried in different apps. Seasons 1-8 of The Walking Dead are on Netflix, but Season 9 is…on AMC? And, shoot, you just paid $5 to rent RBG when it was available on Hulu all along. Streaming TV is a confusing mess if you don’t use Reelgood to make sense of it.

We’ve always believed TV should just work. And clearly you agree—millions of you are using Reelgood as the launchpad for everything you watch.

But creating a streaming TV guide was only the first step.

Imagine asking your Alexa, “Which of my shows has a new episode?” or reading about a show online and, embedded within the article, seeing where you can watch it. For TV to “just work”, we need to make it easier to get Reelgood’s data onto other products, too.

This is why Reelgood has acquired streaming availability data provider Guidebox.

Guidebox is a veteran in this space. Their technology is what powers some of the products you already use—Roku, TVGuide, and Metacritic, to name a few.

The average US household uses four different streaming apps, and with this acquisition, we expand our reach to over 50 million of these households. We see this as a huge opportunity in our mission to help people find and watch the best shows and movies.

“No one wants to spend time hunting through apps for the right show,” says David Sanderson, Reelgood founder and CEO. “People expect their devices to help them decide what to watch and where to watch it. Whether it’s a search engine, website, streaming media player, or voice assistant, this is an opportunity for companies to get the experience right.”

We will be building on the Guidebox technology to make it even easier for companies to help their users find and enjoy the best streaming video content. If you’d like to work with us, email

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