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Original and Licensed TV Shows Available on U.S. Streaming Services

The rise in the number of SVoD platforms brings along with it an influx of original content. As the competition heats up, one area where we can expect streamers to really step up their game is the production of uniquely engaging TV shows.

To find out which streaming service currently has the most original series to offer its subscribers, Reelgood crunched the numbers from the six major platforms: Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Disney Plus, HBO Max, and Apple TV+.

TV Shows - Original vs Licensed

In this first chart, we see Prime Video dominates when it comes to the number of licensed TV shows available with a subscription. If you’re shopping for originals, however, Netflix is the clear winner with 674 original TV shows, followed by HBO Max with 190 as of June 18, 2020 not a month since the latter’s May 27 launch.

Apple TV+ 23 originals and no licensed TV shows
Disney Plus 26 originals and 218 licensed TV shows
HBO Max 190 originals and 239 licensed TV shows
Hulu 87 originals and 1,654 licensed TV shows
Netflix 674 originals and 1,275 licensed TV shows
Prime Video 134 originals and 2,102 licensed TV shows

To take it a step further, next Reelgood analyzed the quality of content available through each streaming service.

Quality TV Shows - Original vs Licensed

For the purpose of this study, a quality TV show is defined as any show that has a 6.5+ rating on IMDb with 300 or more votes.

Not surprisingly, Netflix holds on to the crown with 447 quality original series, with HBO Max coming in second at 140 quality originals. Notably, Apple TV+ has more quality original TV shows compared to Disney Plus.

Meanwhile, Hulu has the most licensed quality titles with 895, followed by Prime Video at 529.

Apple TV+ 14 quality originals and no licensed TV shows
Disney Plus 9 quality originals and 86 licensed quality TV shows
HBO Max 140 quality originals and 97 licensed quality TV shows
Hulu 55 quality originals and 895 licensed quality TV shows
Netflix 447 quality originals and 526 licensed quality TV shows
Prime Video 92 quality originals and 529 licensed quality TV shows

Finally, the team looked at how many high-quality TV shows, licensed and original, are on each streaming service as of June 18.

High Quality TV Shows - Original vs Licensed

In this third and final chart, a high-quality TV show is defined as any show that has 300+ votes and an average rating of 8.0 or higher on IMDb.

Netflix and HBO Max still lead the pack when you look only at the high-quality original series available through each platform, and Prime Video is in third with 40 shows.

Apple TV+ 3 high-quality originals and no licensed TV shows
Disney Plus 5 high-quality originals and 24 licensed high-quality TV shows
HBO Max 75 high-quality originals and 38 licensed high-quality TV shows
Hulu 16 high-quality originals and 274 licensed high-quality TV shows
Netflix 151 high-quality originals and 184 licensed high-quality TV shows
Prime Video 40 high-quality originals and 191 licensed high-quality TV shows

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