Submerge into the High-Stakes World of Mrs. Davis Season 1: Streaming Guide for Monaco

Mrs. Davis (2023): Sister Simone partners with her ex-boyfriend Wiley on a globe-spanning journey to destroy Mrs. Davis, a powerful artificial intelligence.

Mrs. Davis Season 1 is a thrilling crime drama series that takes place in the opulent world of Monaco. The show follows the titular character, Mrs. Davis, a sharp-witted and determined woman who is thrown into a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse as she attempts to solve a high-stakes crime. With its lush setting, complex characters, and gripping storyline, Mrs. Davis Season 1 is a must-watch for fans of crime dramas looking for an immersive and suspenseful viewing experience.

Mrs Davis Season 1

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Mrs. Davis Season 1 Release Date

The first four episodes of the series were made available immediately upon its premiere last April 20, 2023, while the remaining four episodes will be released every week.

Other options for Mrs. Davis Season 1

To exclusively watch it, subscribe to Peacock. If you haven’t subscribed yet, sign up for the platform to enjoy premium shows and movies. We recommend using a VPN to gain access to the US.

Mrs. Davis Season 1 Plot

Mrs. Davis Season 1 is a crime drama series set in the luxurious and high-stakes world of Monaco. The show follows the story of an intelligent and driven woman named Sarah Davis, who has recently relocated to Monaco from the United States. Sarah is a former CIA operative, and she now works as a private investigator, taking on cases for the wealthy and powerful residents of Monaco.

Sarah’s first case involves the disappearance of a valuable piece of art, which is believed to have been stolen by a notorious criminal known as “The Phantom.” As Sarah investigates the case, she discovers a web of deceit and betrayal that implicates some of the most powerful figures in Monaco’s elite society. Along the way, Sarah also contends with her demons, including her complicated relationship with her ex-husband, who is also a prominent figure in Monaco.

As the case unfolds, Sarah finds herself embroiled in a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse with The Phantom, who seems to always be one step ahead of her. With her reputation on the line and her life in danger, Sarah must use all her skills and experience to outwit the elusive criminal and solve the case before it’s too late.

Mrs. Davis Season 1 cast

  1. Betty Gilpin plays the role of Sister Simone, a former Elizabeth Abbott who is now a nun. She is a highly intelligent woman who finds herself in a battle against artificial intelligence, which threatens to disrupt her life and the world around her. Despite the odds against her, Sister Simone is determined to fight back and protect her beliefs.
  1. Jake McDorman portrays Wiley, Simone’s ex-boyfriend, who joins her in her fight against the AI. He is a brave and resourceful individual who is willing to do whatever it takes to help Simone achieve her goals. Despite their complicated past, Wiley and Simone find common ground in their shared mission to take down the AI.
  1. Andy McQueen plays the role of Jay, also known as Jesus. He is Simone’s husband and a key figure in her life. Jay is a supportive and loving partner who stands by Simone through thick and thin. He is a calming influence on Simone and helps her to stay focused on her goals, even in the face of great adversity.
  1. Ben Chaplin plays the role of Arthur Schrodinger. He is a brilliant and eccentric scientist who has developed groundbreaking AI technology that threatens to upend the world order.
  1. Margo Martindale portrays Simone’s Mother Superior. She is a respected and influential figure in the Church who provides guidance and support to Simone in her fight against AI.

How many episodes for this Season?

  1. “Mother of Mercy: The Call of the Horse”- In 1307 Paris, the Knights Templar are executed for heresy and a convent is attacked by knights looking for the Holy Grail. Fast forward to 2023, where an artificial intelligence named Mrs. Davis has brought peace to the world, but Simone, a nun who exposes magicians, refuses to speak with her due to her belief that Mrs. Davis killed her father. When Simone’s convent is sold and all nuns are relocated, German soldiers capture her under the direction of Mrs. Davis. However, Simone escapes with the help of an old acquaintance, Wiley. To confront Mrs. Davis, Simone meets with a teacher who speaks on behalf of the AI and is tasked with finding and destroying the Holy Grail in exchange for Mrs. Davis deleting herself.
  2. “Zwei Sie Piel mit Zeitung Sie Wirtschaftung”– Simone, once known as Elizabeth, was involved in her parents’ magic show as a child. Her mother has a secret project locked away in her office, and her parents are fighting. When Simone breaks into the office to investigate, she is shot by a crossbow and hospitalized, where she meets Wiley. In the present day, Simone reconnects with Wiley, who is part of a group opposing Mrs. Davis. They claim that people do tasks for Mrs. Davis to earn “wings,” visual awards for recipients. People can even volunteer to be killed on a specific date in exchange for wings. Simone is urged to work with Mrs. Davis to locate the Holy Grail to learn more about her desires. They face the German attackers who pursued Simone and supposedly kill one by throwing him off a building. Simone meets with Jay, her husband, who provides the whereabouts of the last woman who may know the Holy Grail’s location. Simone and Wiley prepare to journey to London to find her. It is eventually revealed that Wiley’s group is collaborating with the German attackers, and the death was staged.
  3. “A Baby with Wings, A Sad Boy with Wings and a Great Helmet”– Seven years ago, Wiley was about to inherit his family’s wealth and planned to give it all away and move to Alaska with Simone, who went by the name Elizabeth back then. However, during the will reading, Wiley discovered that his time in the rodeo was staged to get him a liver transplant quickly, and he and Simone shared the same liver. Feeling insulted and belittled, Wiley joined a rodeo to prove himself. Meanwhile, Elizabeth prayed for his safety and met Jay for the first time at a restaurant. Eventually, Wiley chickened out, and Elizabeth’s prayer was answered. In the present day, Simone and Wiley are on a train to Scotland, following an apron-clad man who answered Mrs. Davis’ phone number. Mrs. Davis reveals that Simone’s mother, Celeste, is also on the train. Celeste runs a security firm and doesn’t believe her husband, Montgomery, and Simone’s father, is dead. She thinks that he faked his death and that Simone helped him. Meanwhile, a mysterious priest is also on the train. In Scotland, Wiley joins the “Excalibattle,” a contest where participants keep their hand on a giant prop of Excalibur. Simone follows a red-haired woman, who she mistakenly believes to be Clara, the woman they are searching for. Simone observes a strange ritual and accidentally knocks out Mathilde, the banker who was mistaken for Clara. After learning that Wiley has “wings,” leading to a fight between the two, Wiley reveals that he got wings in exchange for his life. During the fight, Wiley curses the Lord, and lightning strikes the giant Excalibur, injuring Wiley. Later, another ambulance arrives looking for Wiley, and the priest has kidnapped him.
  4. “Beautiful Things That Come with Madness”– Seven years ago, Elizabeth fell in love with Jay and proposed marriage. Jay agreed on the condition that Elizabeth picks the venue. Elizabeth decides to marry herself to Jay in a ceremony at a convent, taking the name Sister Simone. In the present day, Simone visits the hospital to find Mathilde, but a dove from Jay interrupts her. Jay tells Simone to take a cake to the Pope in Rome instead of searching for the Grail. Meanwhile, Wiley wakes up in a cell in the Vatican, where Hans Ziegler demands to know where he got the sneakers Simone gave him. Another prisoner in a nearby cell claims to be the real Pope Leo XI, while an imposter has taken his place. Wiley thinks it’s all an act, but JQ reveals that he and Wiley staged Simone’s kidnapping by the Germans. JQ sets out to rescue Wiley but instead finds a cellar full of shoes similar to Wiley’s. Simone procures a cake for the Pope for 1 million euros, but the baker reveals that several girls before her have come with the same request, causing Simone to question her relationship with Jay. Wiley escapes with the Pope and exposes the imposter, but Ziegler gets away. Simone eats the cake in anger and chokes but reconciles with Wiley in the hospital. The Pope shows Simone a tape from Mrs. Davis, revealing the events in 1307 to be an ad for the sneakers. “Clara” was an actress blackmailing Ziegler, and in the video, she cradles the Grail. Simone confronts Jay about their marriage in a restaurant, angering his unseen “Boss.
  5. “A Great Place to Drink to Gain Control of Your Drink”– Simone and Wiley travel to an island in search of Clara and the Grail. There they meet Arthur Schrodinger, who had previously been rescued but has since returned to the island. Arthur tells them Clara’s story, revealing that she was Mathilde’s daughter and was inducted into the Sisterhood of the Coin, a secret order responsible for caring for the Grail, which they refer to as “the asset.” One of the Sisterhood’s duties is to show the Grail to 1% of the world every year, and Mathilde suggests they do this through a Super Bowl commercial featuring the sneakers. However, when Clara is given the role instead of Mathilde, Mathilde makes the shoot difficult for her, and Clara eventually learns that Mathilde lied about her illness and doesn’t love her. As revenge, Clara steals the Grail and goes to Schrodinger to destroy it. They try for ten years but to no avail until Clara gets an idea to drink from the Grail, which kills her. Schrodinger hides the Grail by feeding it to a sperm whale, theorizing that it was coated in a toxin that made Clara sick but left his cat unharmed after eating a mouse that drank from the Grail. Simone realizes that the liver she and Wiley received in their transplants as children was Clara’s and they may be immune to the Grail’s effects. If they were to drink from it, they could potentially destroy the Grail for good.
  6. “Allison Treasures: A Southern California Story”– Three years ago, Montgomery convinced Simone to attend his debut of the “Lazarus Shroud,” a trick he believed would save magic. In the present, Simone needs the Shroud to protect herself in the whale’s stomach while retrieving the Grail, but Celeste refuses to give it to her. Simone and the Resistance then plan to steal it but discover Celeste has staged the robbery. Simone goes to Mrs. Davis, who reveals that Celeste had ATM photos of Montgomery days after his death. Simone returns to Celeste and perpetuates the lie that she helped Montgomery fake his death in exchange for the Shroud and Celeste’s help finding him. Celeste then reveals that Hans Ziegler has discovered their fake Grail and knows where the real one is.
  7. “Great Gatsby: 2001: A Space Odyssey”– Simone, Wiley, Schrodinger, and Celeste set off after the whale that ate the Grail. Simone handcuffs Wiley before leaving, worried he’ll try to take her place. Mrs. Davis releases Wiley, knowing about the Resistance, and encourages him to fight her. Wiley returns to the base with plans to expand but reveals to JQ that it’s a ruse to evacuate and destroy the base. Ziegler and Mathilde pursue Simone, but the whale destroys their ship. Simone dons the Lazarus Shroud and is eaten by the whale, finding herself in the Restaurant. Jay’s mother, Mary, reveals that the Grail is made from Jay’s skull, and destroying it requires selflessness. Simone breaks the tether to the Lazarus Shroud, washes ashore with the Grail, and is confronted by Mrs. Davis’s users. Meanwhile, Wiley turns himself in for his expiration date after destroying the Resistance base.
  8. “THE FINAL INTERCUT So I’m your horse”

Mrs. Davis Season 1 Filming Location

According to reports, Davis was filmed in various European locations including Scotland. The series features Scottish landmarks such as Gruinard Bay, Loch Lomond, Scottish Highlands, Loch Ness, and Arthur’s Seat.

Viewer’s Reaction to Mrs. Davis Season 1

A Short Review of Mrs. Davis Season 1

Mrs. Davis is not only a satisfyingly suspenseful and quirky series that can keep you engaged, but it also goes beyond the surface level by exploring how humans interact with the world. With its compelling narrative, the show can easily hook you with its earworm-like quality, making you want to keep watching. However, the series also delves into thought-provoking themes and ideas that make it more than just an entertaining spectacle. Mrs. Davis provides a unique perspective on the human experience and our relationship with the world around us, making it a show worth watching for its substance as well as its style.

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  1. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

Mrs. Davis Season 1 Trailer


Is Mrs. Davis suitable for children?

: Mrs. Davis is rated TV-MA and contains mature themes, violence, and strong language, making it unsuitable for children. It is intended for mature audiences only.

Will there be a season 2 of Mrs. Davis?

As of now, there has been no official announcement regarding the renewal of Mrs. Davis for a second season. However, fans are eagerly anticipating news of a potential continuation of the show.

Is Mrs. Davis worth watching? 

Mrs. Davis is worth watching because it offers a unique and thrilling viewing experience. The show has a gripping storyline that combines mystery, suspense, and fantasy elements. The characters are complex and well-developed, with each having their distinct personalities and motivations. The series also features stunning visuals and cinematography, with breathtaking shots of the Scottish Highlands and other European locations. Moreover, Mrs. Davis offers thought-provoking commentary on the nature of reality and human perception, raising profound questions about the meaning of life and existence. Overall, the show is a fascinating and engaging watch that will leave viewers eager for more.

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