Unleashing the Power of Revenge: All You Need to Know About Mal Nascida 2007

Mal Nascida (2007): Lúcia is misbegotten, unloved, and the eternal widow of her own father. A cry of rage in bodily form.

“Mal Nascida” is a gripping drama film released in 2007 that delves into the complexities of identity, personal struggles, and the desire for revenge. Directed by a talented filmmaker, the movie takes viewers on a thought-provoking journey through the life of its central character, immersing them in a world filled with secrets, deceit, and unexpected twists. Set against a backdrop of societal challenges and personal turmoil, “Mal Nascida” offers a compelling exploration of human nature and the consequences of one’s choices. Prepare to be captivated by the intricate storytelling, powerful performances, and profound themes that unfold in this compelling cinematic experience.

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Release date

Mal Nascida was released on September 5, 2007

Cast and Director 

  1. Anabela Moreira as Lucia: Portraying the enigmatic Lucia, Moreira brings depth and complexity to her character, captivating audiences with her performance.
  2. Marcia Breia as Adelaide: Breia embodies the role of Adelaide, bringing a commanding presence and authenticity to this intriguing character.
  3. Fernando Luis as Evaristo: Luis delivers a compelling portrayal of Evaristo, showcasing his talent for navigating the intricacies of his character’s personal struggles.
  4. Gonçalo Waddington as Augusto: Waddington brings charisma and intensity to the character of Augusto, captivating viewers with his nuanced performance.
  5. Tiago Rodrigues as Jusmino: Rodrigues shines in his role as Jusmino, displaying versatility and emotional depth that adds an intriguing layer to the film.

Directed by:

João Canijo is a highly acclaimed director known for his unique storytelling style and his ability to explore complex themes and characters. With a career spanning several decades, Canijo has made a significant impact on the Portuguese film industry. His films often delve into the intricacies of human relationships, delving deep into the emotional and psychological aspects of his characters. Canijo is known for his meticulous attention to detail and his ability to create authentic and immersive cinematic experiences. Through his directorial vision, he brings a distinct voice to his projects, combining realism with artistic expression. With his passion for storytelling and his distinct directorial approach, João Canijo continues to be a respected figure in the world of filmmaking.


In the rustic and impoverished district of Boticas, a small village harbors the troubled life of Lúcia. Residing in her mother’s modest village pub, Lúcia carries the burden of a dark fate. Having lost her father during their time in France, the pain of his absence haunts her every moment. Rejection and suspicion follow her wherever she goes, exacerbated by her own guarded and distant demeanor. Lúcia is met with disdain and mistreatment, living in the shadow of traumatic memories.

Within the confines of her mother’s household, Lúcia’s mother shares her life with the avaricious Evaristo. This man had cunningly removed her father from the picture through a heinous act, and his dealings are constantly shrouded in deceit. Lúcia finds herself in perpetual conflict with both her mother and Evaristo, further fueling her inner turmoil.

Driven by an unwavering desire for revenge against her father’s killer, Lúcia yearns for the return of her estranged brother, Augusto. In her haste to escape their life in France, she had abandoned him as a young boy, leaving her mother to believe he had been kidnapped. Dismissing any accounts that challenge her idealized perception of her father, Lúcia clings to the hope of Augusto’s return, a pivotal moment to enact her vengeance. Meanwhile, consumed by mental anguish and unrelenting suffering, she exists in a despairing world of her own, devoid of solace or hope.


Filming location

Immersed in the ruggedness of a remote region in inland Portugal, “Mal Nascida” was brought to life through the camera lens. The film captures the raw essence of the surroundings, showcasing the untamed beauty and solitude of this secluded area. The choice of location adds an authentic and atmospheric touch to the storytelling, enhancing the film’s overall impact. Through its striking visuals and evocative setting, “Mal Nascida” transports viewers to a world where the landscape itself becomes a character, enriching the narrative with its distinctive presence.



“Mal Nascida” (2007) immerses viewers in a gripping tale of fate, revenge, and inner turmoil. Directed with a meticulous eye for detail and emotional intensity, this Portuguese drama film captivates from start to finish. Through its compelling narrative, nuanced performances, and atmospheric setting, “Mal Nascida” weaves a haunting tapestry that explores the depths of human emotions and the consequences of one’s choices. 

“Mal Nascida” transports us to a world shrouded in secrets, set within a small village nestled in the heart of Portugal. Anchored by a powerhouse performance from Anabela Moreira as Lucia, the film delves into her troubled existence, haunted by the loss of her father and consumed by a thirst for vengeance. Moreira’s portrayal of Lucia is hauntingly authentic, capturing her character’s pain, resilience, and unwavering determination.


Is “Mal Nascida” suitable for all audiences?

“Mal Nascida” contains mature themes, intense scenes, and emotional content. It may not be suitable for younger or sensitive viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

Has “Mal Nascida” received any awards or critical acclaim?

While specific awards or critical acclaim for “Mal Nascida” may vary, the film has been praised for its performances, direction, and exploration of complex themes.

What language is the film in, and are English subtitles available?

“Mal Nascida” is a Portuguese film, and the primary language spoken is Portuguese. English subtitles may be available depending on the version or release of the film.

Is it worth watching? 

“Mal Nascida” is worth watching for several compelling reasons:

  1. Gripping Narrative: The film presents a gripping and emotionally charged narrative that delves into themes of identity, revenge, and the consequences of one’s actions. It explores the complex dynamics of family relationships and the enduring power of secrets, keeping viewers engrossed from start to finish.
  1. Strong Performances: The cast delivers powerful performances, with Anabela Moreira’s portrayal of Lucia being particularly captivating. The actors bring depth and authenticity to their characters, drawing viewers into their world and evoking a range of emotions.
  1. Atmospheric Setting: The film’s remote filming location in Portugal adds a unique and haunting atmosphere to the story. The rugged beauty of the surroundings becomes an integral part of the narrative, enhancing the overall experience and immersing viewers in the characters’ struggles.

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