King of the Hill Cast: 1993 Drama History

Released in 1993, “King of the Hill” is a critically acclaimed comedy-drama written and directed by Steven Soderbergh. The movie follows Jesse “the Kid” Braden, played by Jesse Bradford, as he attempts to make his way through life as a lower-class adolescent living in an inner-city apartment complex. Joining him on his journey are his friends and family from both the real world and within “The Hill,” which serves as a refuge for all its inhabitants. “King of the Hill” features an incredible cast that has become beloved over time for portraying each character’s struggles with identity, poverty, and the American Dream.

King of the Hill Cast
King of the Hill Cast

The “King of the Hill” Cast

Jesse Bradford starred in the 1993 movie King of the Hill, directed by Steven Soderbergh. He played the character of Aaron Kurlander, a young boy living in St. Louis who deals with extreme poverty and World War I all around him. Moviegoers admired his powerful performance, highlighting how children can remain optimistic and determined to survive despite tough circumstances. Bradford’s character provided a beacon of hope that anyone could overcome their circumstances through strong will and determination, making his role unforgettable.

Jeroen Krabbe was integral to the movie cast for 1993’s King of the Hill. His portrayal of an engineer who lives in a hotel during the Great Depression was pivotal in developing the movie’s plot and creating a dynamic narrative. His performance showcased Krabbe’s natural talent, delivering a dynamic and sincere performance that greatly contributed to the movie’s success. His masterful acting drew audiences, making King of the Hill one of the most acclaimed films of its time.

Lisa Eichhorn starred in the 1993 movie King of the Hill. Her performance alongside fellow cast members such as Adrien Brody and Jeroen Krabbé elevated the movie to great heights, garnered critical acclaim, and earned her a nomination for Best Supporting Actress at the Independent Spirit Awards. Eichhorn also received praise for her subtle, nuanced take on her character — which greatly enriched the movie’s emotional resonance. It was certainly a memorable performance by an immensely talented actress.


Steven Soderbergh assembled an incredible cast for “King of the Hill,” each actor bringing something unique to their role that presents a well-rounded understanding of the many struggles faced by lower-class people living in inner-city America. “King of the Hill” remains an important piece of film history, a powerful exploration of identity that gives voice to those often overlooked in society.

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