How to watch Route No 17 in Australia on Amazon Prime

How to watch Route No 17 on Amazon Prime Video

“Route No 17” is a 2023 Indian Tamil-language horror thriller film directed by Abhilash G. Devan. It features a story where a path that had been open 30 years ago is suddenly shut down. Trespassers who decide to travel this path end up mysteriously dead on the same night. The narrative weaves these mysterious events with an emotional backstory, creating a suspenseful and engaging film experience.

‘Route No 17’ is available only on Amazon Prime in India. If you have a subscription to Amazon Prime, you can stream Route No 17 from anywhere. Here’s how:

How to watch Route No 17 in Australia

To effortlessly bypass geo-restrictions and stream ‘Route No 17’ on Amazon Prime from Australia, follow these easy steps using a VPN:

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN
  2. Install the VPN app on your device.
  3. Connect to an India-based server.
  4. Go to the Amazon Prime website or app, then login or sign up for a new account.
  5. That’s it. You can watch Route No 17 in Australia now!

Route No 17 Synopsis

What is Route No 17 movie about?

The movie revolves around the mysterious happenings in the forest region of Sathyamangalam. It focuses on a forbidden path that had been guarded for thirty years. Curiosity leads trespassers to explore this path, only to find themselves facing untimely demises. The film intertwines these events with an emotional backstory, making it a blend of horror, mystery, and thriller elements.

‘Route No 17’ Cast

Who is in the cast of ‘Route No 17’?

  • Jithan Ramesh
  • Anju Pandia
  • Hareesh Peradi
  • Akhil Prabhakar
  • Madhan Kumar Dhakshinamoorthy
  • Frolic George
  • Nihal Amar
  • Jennifer Mathew
  • Anusree Pothan
  • Amar Ramachandran

Route No 17′ OTT Release Date

It premieres on February 16, 2024 on Amazon Prime in India. ‘Route No 17’ is now streaming on Amazon Prime in India.

Where to watch Route No 17 in Australia?

‘Route No 17’ is available to stream on the Amazon Prime website and app in India. If you’re in Australia, you can still stream Route No 17 on the Amazon Prime website and app using a VPN like ExpressVPN to circumvent regional limitations and acquire an Indian IP address.

Route No 17 movie FAQ

What Sets “Route No 17” Apart in Tamil Mystery Cinema?

  • “Route No 17” distinguishes itself with a blend of mystery and emotional storytelling, set against the backdrop of a deadly route. The film’s exploration of supernatural elements intertwined with human emotions provides a unique cinematic experience. Its narrative weaves the mysterious events of a forbidden path with the characters’ internal struggles, adding depth and layers to the overall story​​​​.

How Does “Route No 17” Combine Supernatural and Emotional Themes?

  • The balance between supernatural elements and human emotions in “Route No 17” sets it apart, making it more than just a conventional thriller. The forbidden path explored in the movie becomes a metaphor for the characters’ internal struggles. This balance adds complexity to the narrative, offering viewers a compelling blend of suspense and emotional depth that invites them to unravel the mysteries within​​.

What Are Critics Saying About “Route No 17”?

  • Critics appreciated the film’s cinematography, editing, and music but noted that it loses its knit in the second half after a promising start. Despite this, the performances, especially by Jithan Ramesh and Anju Pandya, were praised. The movie received mixed reviews, with some highlighting its technical soundness and the balance of mystery with emotional storytelling​​​​.

Who Composed “Route No 17” Soundtrack and What Are Its Key Tracks?

  • The music for “Route No 17” was composed by Ouseppachan. The soundtrack includes tracks like “Rasa En Rasa Kanne,” “All Is Well,” and “Vaada Thiruda,” featuring artists such as Swetha Mohan and Rita Thyagarajan. The total length of the soundtrack is 10:56, contributing significantly to the film’s atmosphere​​.

How can I watch ‘Route No 17’ in Australia?

You can watch Route No 17′ in Australia on Amazon Prime Video across all platforms using a secure VPN like ExpressVPN to bypass geo-restrictions and access the movie from Australia.

Can I watch Route No 17 for free?

Amazon Prime offers a free trial for new members, allowing you to enjoy Prime Video along with other Prime benefits. New members can start a free 30-day trial, which includes access to Prime Video, Prime Music, free two-day shipping on eligible items, and more. After the trial period, the membership will automatically convert to a paid subscription unless canceled.

Is ‘Route No 17’ worth watching?

Yes, you should definitely watch “Route No 17” if you’re into mystery and thriller movies. It’s made by Abhilash G. Devan and has Jithan Ramesh and others in the cast. This movie is cool because it mixes spooky stuff with big emotions. It tells the story of a weird path in the forest where odd things happen, and it’s told in a way that’ll keep you interested. It’s not just any thriller; it jumps through different times to tell its story, which is pretty neat. Plus, it looks and sounds awesome, thanks to some great camera work and music by Ouseppachan.

Route No 17 Trailer

Here’s the official trailer for ‘Route No 17,’ showcasing Jithan Ramesh and directed by Abhilash G. Devan.

Watch ‘Route No 17’ online in Australia

Viewers in Australia can watch ‘Route No 17’ streaming on the Amazon Prime website and through the Amazon Prime app by using a premium VPN like ExpressVPN to connect to an India-based server and change their virtual location. This method allows you to stream Route No 17 from anywhere in the world.

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