How to watch Rise of the Nazis: The Manhunt in Europe on BBC iPlayer for free

How to watch Rise of the Nazis: The Manhunt in the US on BBC iPlayer for free

In the vast landscape of historical accounts, few tales resonate as hauntingly as Hitler’s ascension and the subsequent terror he unleashed. The documentary, ‘Rise of the Nazis: The Manhunt’, delves deep into this dark epoch, shedding light on events that shook the very fabric of humanity.

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Step-by-Step: How to watch Rise of the Nazis: The Manhunt in Europe on BBC iPlayer for free using a VPN

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  2. Download the VPN and connect to the UK server.
  3. Log in to BBC iPlayer.
  4. Find Rise of the Nazis: The Manhunt and stream it no matter where you are!

Rise of the Nazis: The Manhunt Synopsis

Unveiling the unsung heroes behind one of history’s darkest chapters, the documentary ‘The Rise of the Nazis: The Manhunt‘ offers a fresh lens into those valiant individuals often overlooked. These dedicated souls relentlessly pursued and ensured Nazi war criminals faced justice for their roles in the Holocaust. A poignant testament to those who fought tirelessly for accountability against the backdrop of heinous crimes.

Rise of the Nazis: The Manhunt Cast

Helmed by the talented Julian Jones, this series boasts a stellar ensemble that includes the insights of Richard Evans, a foremost expert on Hitler. The story unfolds with Kate Fleetwood lending her voice as the narrator, supported by notable names such as Mike Jackson, Christian Goeschel, Garry Kasparov, Laura Butkute, Pablo de Orellana, and John Scarlett in a recurring capacity.

Stepping into the shoes of history’s pivotal figures, the principal cast shines with Petras Simmonni portraying Winrich Behr, Juozas Budraitis as Paul Von Hindenburg, Mindaugas Capas embodying Hermann, Andrius Rozickas taking the mantle of Adolf Hitler, Ramunas channeling Ernst, and Boris Abramov depicting the formidable Josef Stalin.

When does Rise of the Nazis: The Manhunt premiere?

Rise of the Nazis: The Manhunt‘ premiers on BBC iPlayer at 9:00 pm on Tuesday, September 19, 2023.

How many episodes does Rise of the Nazis: The Manhunt have?

Here’s the episode guide:

Episode 1: Most Wanted
Post-World War II, the Allies awaken to the full horror of the Holocaust. Their response? A tireless manhunt targeting the Nazi hierarchy.

Episode 2: The Ratline
The Cold War’s grip causes many Nazi-hunting initiatives to falter. As a result, numerous Nazis reclaim their freedom, with a significant number escaping to carve new lives in South America.

Episode 3: The Reckoning
The 60s and 70s roll around; WWII may feel like ancient history to some, but a tenacious few remain unwavering, hunting down Nazi criminals, some of whom brazenly live in plain sight.

Rise of the Nazis: The Manhunt Trailer

Though the latest season of ‘Rise of the Nazis‘ is yet to release its trailer, you can indulge in an enticing sneak peek from the previous season.

Start Watching Rise of the Nazis: The Manhunt Now

Step into the shadows of history with ‘Rise of the Nazis: The Manhunt‘, an enthralling series that beckons viewers into the relentless chase of the 20th century’s most notorious criminals. Exclusive to BBC iPlayer, this comprehensive dive into post-war manhunts and their various intricacies ensures a gripping watch, episode after episode.

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