How to Watch Plan B in Europe for Free

How to Watch Plan B in the US for Free

Set against the backdrop of vibrant Montreal, “Plan B” takes center stage as a gripping psychological drama, masterfully adapted from the renowned Radio-Canada production by Jean-François Asselin and Jacques Drolet. Experience a man’s fervent journey as he navigates the complexities of love and life, aiming to mend his world one choice at a time.

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Step-by-Step: How to watch Plan B in Europe on CBC for Free

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  4. Find Plan B and stream it no matter where you are!

Plan B Synopsis

Philip (Adams) stumbles upon a game-changing ability: reversing time. Set against Montreal’s backdrop, this gripping psychological drama trails his determined mission to not only reclaim his bond with Evelyn (Vanasse) but also reshape the very world he inhabits. His newfound power, dubbed Plan B, gifts him unparalleled sway over life’s pivotal choices – both his and those of others. Yet, as he delves into the maze of interconnected fates, a clear truth emerges: every choice carries profound consequences.

Plan B Cast

Featuring a star-studded cast that brings depth and character to the screen:

  • Anika Flynn as Alice
  • Patrick J. Adams as Philip
  • Amanda Ip as Yaling Liou
  • Phyllis Gooden QC as Hospital Nurse
  • Domenic Di Rosa as Cedric
  • Catherine De Seve as Ana Wozniak

When does Plan B premiere?

The anticipated mini-series boasts 6 episodes in its debut season, with fresh episodes premiering every Monday from 27th February 2023 exclusively on CBC.

How many episodes does Plan B have?

Plan B Episode Guide:

Episode 1: February 27, 2023
Philip stumbles upon a chance to revisit the past when a mysterious hotline rings, offering him an avenue to mend his relationship.

Episode 2: April 3, 2023
Despite Philip’s relentless endeavors to craft a perfect life, outcomes remain contrary to his hopes.

Episode 3: April 10, 2023
A looming sense of dread engulfs Philip as he grapples with imminent events, fostering a profound resentment.

Episode 4: April 17, 2023
Episode 5: April 24, 2023
Episode 6: May 1, 2023

Plan B Trailer

Check out the trailer below.

Start Watching Plan B Now

Venture into the heart of Montreal’s rich narrative landscape with “Plan B”, a profound drama that pushes the boundaries of choices and consequences. As an adaptation of the renowned Radio-Canada production, this series seamlessly fuses high-concept storytelling with intimate character dynamics, delivering a tale of a man’s relentless pursuit to mend his reality.

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