How to watch His Dark Materials in Australia on BBC iPlayer

How to watch His Dark Materials in Australia on BBC iPlayer

Living in a fantasy world might not be practical, but it certainly offers a sense of relief and pleasure. This is precisely what His Dark Materials, a captivating fantasy drama television series, promises its audience. Based on Philip Pullman’s renowned trilogy, the show is a production marvel by Bad Wolf and New Line Productions. It takes us on a journey with Lyra, brilliantly portrayed by Dafne Keen, as she searches for a missing friend and unravels a sinister kidnapping plot, all intertwined with the mystery of an invisible cosmic substance known as Dust.

While the show enjoys global popularity, it’s primarily aired on BBC iPlayer, a platform restricted to UK viewers. But fret not, international fans! You can immerse yourself in this fantastical world from the comfort of your home. I recommend ExpressVPN, a reliable service that lets you bypass geographical restrictions, making it seem like you’re streaming from the UK.

Steps-by-Steps: How to watch His Dark Materials in Australia on  BBC iPlayer using a VPN 

  1. Select a VPN service that is optimized for streaming. We recommend ExpressVPN
  2. Download the VPN and connect to a UK server.
  3. Log in to BBC iPlayer.
  4. Find His Dark Materials and stream it no matter where you are!

His Dark Materials Synopsis

What is His Dark Materials about?

His Dark Materials is not just a show; it’s a gateway to a universe brimming with mystery and adventure. The series, set against a richly imagined parallel universe, follows young Lyra’s quest. Her journey is not just physical but also a deep exploration of identity and truth. As she seeks her missing friend, Lyra stumbles upon a series of kidnappings and a conspiracy involving Dust. This substance, invisible yet powerful, holds the key to understanding the universe. The narrative weaves a complex tapestry of fate and free will, challenging the characters and viewers alike to question the nature of their reality.

When does His Dark Materials Premiere?

His Dark Materials Release Date

His Dark Materials premiered on November 3, 2019 on BBC iPlayer.

His Dark Materials Cast

Who is in the cast of His Dark Materials?

  • Dafne Keen as Lyra: A young protagonist whose bravery and curiosity lead her into a world of danger and discovery.
  • James McAvoy: Brings depth to his character with a performance that is both powerful and nuanced.
  • Ruth Wilson: Her portrayal is captivating, adding layers of complexity to the storyline.
  • Clarke Peters: Delivers a memorable performance that resonates with the audience.
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda: Adds a unique charm and charisma to the series.
  • Lewin Lloyd: His character development is both intriguing and integral to the plot.
  • Anne-Marie Duff: Provides a strong presence, enriching the show’s dynamic.

How many episodes does His Dark Materials have?

His Dark Materials Episode Guide          

  1. The Enchanted Sleeper – December 18, 2022: Held captive by Mrs Coulter, a dreaming Lyra finds herself in a mysterious place with someone familiar – Roger. Will continues his quest to find Lyra, meeting unexpected allies along the way.
  2. The Break – December 24, 2022: Will tries to save Lyra from her mother and the Magisterium, but it comes at a great personal cost. Asriel’s plans change when unexpected angelic visitors crash into his republic.
  3. The Intention Craft – January 1, 2023: Lyra and Will seek help from Iorek to fix the Subtle Knife before reaching an agreement to go to the Land of the Dead together. Mrs Coulter goes on trial in Asriel’s republic.

His Dark Materials: Where to Watch and Stream Online in Australia

Currently, you are able to watch His Dark Materials on BBC iPlayer in the UK. However, in other countries, this captivating series isn’t directly accessible without a VPN at the moment. And for this, we recommend ExpressVPN. It’s a simple yet effective solution to bypass geographical restrictions, allowing you to enjoy this mesmerizing series from anywhere in the world.

Why to Watch His Dark Materials

  • Intriguing Plot: The series weaves a complex narrative filled with mystery, adventure, and philosophical depth, making it a compelling watch.
  • Stellar Cast: With performances that bring depth and nuance to their characters, the cast of His Dark Materials is truly exceptional.
  • Rich World-Building: The show’s universe is vast and detailed, inviting viewers into a world unlike any other.
  • Thought-Provoking Themes: It explores themes of identity, truth, and freedom, challenging viewers to think deeply.
  • High Production Value: The series boasts high-quality production, with stunning visuals and effects that bring the story to life.

His Dark Materials Trailer

Here’s the official trailer of His Dark Materials.

His Dark Materials FAQ

  1. Why is His Dark Materials not available in Australia?
    Due to licensing agreements and geo-restrictions, His Dark Materials is limited to certain regions like the UK. However, with ExpressVPN, you can access it from anywhere.
  2. Where can I watch His Dark Materials in Australia?
    His Dark Materials is available on BBC iPlayer in the UK. For viewers in other countries, accessing it via ExpressVPN is the most reliable method.
  3. How can I watch His Dark Materials in Australia?
    To watch His Dark Materials from outside the UK, use ExpressVPN to connect to a UK server, then log in or sign up for BBC iPlayer, and you’re all set!

Start Watching His Dark Materials Now

Embark on a journey into the enchanting world of His Dark Materials today. With its rich storytelling, compelling characters, and breathtaking visuals, this series promises an unforgettable viewing experience. Whether you’re a fan of fantasy or just love a good story, His Dark Materials is a must-watch. To access the series from outside the UK, ExpressVPN is your key.