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Disenchantment: Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Matt Groening’s New Netflix Series

“Disenchantment” from Netflix

The Simpsons fans rejoice! Matt Groening, the creator of Fox’s iconic show, has been developing a ten-episode animated medieval fantasy series titled Disenchantment. The new project will officially debut on Netflix on Friday, August 17th.

Here’s everything that we know about the show so far, from the eccentric plot to the talented voice cast involved.

How Will the Story Be Set Up?

Set in the kingdom of Dreamland, the story revolves around the escapades of a hard-drinking princess named Bean, her companion elf Elfo, and her “personal demon” Luci. In a Comic-Con interview with IGN, Groening reveals that Bean’s drinking problem emerges from “daddy issues.” He explains that her father King Zog has been trying to marry her off for political reasons. The kingdom air is crackling with family drama – Bean won’t be able to become queen since her younger brother Derek is next in line for the throne.

Groening first conceptualized Disenchantment while working on Futurama. “The idea for Disenchantment is just taking a genre, fantasy, and seeing how far we can go with it,” Groening explained in an interview with Collider. “Back when I was doing Futurama, it was a toss-up whether to go science fiction or fantasy, and I thought science fiction would be a little easier.”

Unlike Groening’s previous work, Disenchantment will be a series. Each episode follows one after the other instead of resetting plot-wise like in The Simpsons.

While the genre and storytelling might feel different, the animation style will be similar to the cartoonist’s past work. “The show is definitely in The Simpsons, Futurama giant eyeballs, overbite style. However, I think it’s a little richer than the stuff I’ve worked on in the past,” Groening noted.

What Does Disenchantment’s Trailer Tell Us?


The show’s two-minute trailer first dropped during a panel at San Diego Comic Con 2018. It begins with the wedding ceremony between Princess Bean and Prince Geesebert. When asked if she’ll take Geesebert as her husband, Princess Bean screams, “No!” This causes her betrothed to drop the ring in his hand…and accidentally impale his head on a spiky chair. Bean makes a run for it, set on a personal mission of self-discovery with her magical friends Elfo and Luci.

You’ll notice classic Groening-style gags along the way. In one scene, Bean praises herself on being a good butcher, only to learn that she was in a pet shop the whole time. And at the end of the trailer, Elfo accidentally drops down a waterfall after announcing, “You can do anything if you believe in yourself.” All of the action is set to a medieval rendition of David Bowie’s “Rebel Rebel,” so we know that things are already off to a great start.

Prior to the trailer, Netflix also released a quick teaser that gives viewers a taste of the relationship between Bean and her parents, the rulers of Dreamland. In it, a guard brings in a hooded person to see the king, who berates the stranger. When the hood is lifted, we see none other than Bean. The relationship isn’t ideal, to say the very least.

Who Are the Voices Behind the Screen?

The cast behind the screen is fairly stacked. Best known for her work on Comedy Central’s Broad City, Abbi Johnson lends her voice to the protagonist Princess Bean. The actress has previously done voice work in the past on shows like Bojack Horseman. Bringing to life Princess Bean’s companions are Nat Faxon (Elfo) and Eric Andre (Luci). You’ll also hear a number of familiar voices from Futurama’s former cast, including Billy West, Maurice LaMarche, and Tress MacNeille.

Eager fans have already likened the series to a crossover between Game of Thrones and The Simpsons. Needless to say, we can hardly wait for this epic adventure!

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