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Best Thanksgiving Movies

Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, and of course, movies! After all the turkey is cooked, the potatoes mashed, and the pumpkin pie served, the family can gather around and enjoy a few holiday-themed films. From animated classics to heartwarming comedies, there’s something for everyone when it comes to Thanksgiving movies. Here’s our roundup of the best Thanksgiving movies to watch this holiday season.

Best Thanksgiving Movies

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving! This classic animated movie follows Charlie Brown and the gang as they plan for a Thanksgiving feast. After failing to win tickets to a football game, Charlie Brown hosts a Thanksgiving dinner for his friends. But the dinner isn’t what everyone expected since Snoopy and Woodstock step in as chefs and serve toast, popcorn, jellybeans, pretzels, and more. Despite the unusual menu, Charlie Brown and the gang enjoy each other’s company. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is a classic holiday movie that’s perfect for the whole family.

Home for the Holidays
Home for the Holidays is a hilarious comedy starring Holly Hunter as Claudia Larson, a single mother who returns home to her dysfunctional family for Thanksgiving. Despite her best efforts to keep the peace, it’s not long before her family’s bickering and rivalries begin to unravel the holiday. Throw in a surprise visit from Claudia’s free-spirited brother, and you have a recipe for a Thanksgiving disaster. But in the end, Claudia can bring the family together and make peace. Home for the Holidays is a funny and touching movie that will make you appreciate the importance of family.

Pieces of April
Pieces of April is a heartwarming movie about family, forgiveness, and the joy of cooking. April Burns (Katie Holmes) is a young woman with a strained relationship with her family. But on Thanksgiving, April decides to host a dinner in her tiny New York City apartment, hoping to make amends with her family. But when her oven breaks down, April has to enlist the help of her eccentric neighbors to make her dinner a success. Pieces of April is a charming and uplifting movie that celebrates the power of family.

Dutch is a classic family comedy starring Ed O’Neill as Dutch Dooley, a blue-collar worker determined to win his girlfriend’s son’s affection. On Thanksgiving, Dutch agrees to take the boy on a hunting trip, despite his lack of experience with firearms. But when Dutch and the boy get lost in the woods, they have to rely on each other to find their way back home. Dutch is a funny and heartfelt movie that will remind you of the importance of family.

The Ice Storm
The Ice Storm is a critically acclaimed drama about two families who come together for Thanksgiving in 1973. The Hood and Williams families are neighbors who are both facing their own personal struggles. As the weekend progresses, the families’ secrets come to light, and the cracks in their relationships are exposed. The Ice Storm is a dark and thought-provoking movie that will make you think about the fragility of family relationships.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Planes, Trains and Automobiles is a classic Thanksgiving comedy starring Steve Martin and John Candy as two unlikely traveling companions. Neal Page (Martin) is a high-powered ad executive who is desperately trying to get home for Thanksgiving. Along the way, he meets Del Griffith (Candy), an annoying yet lovable salesman who quickly becomes his travel companion. Despite their differences, the two men bond over their goal of getting home for the holiday. Planes, Trains and Automobiles is a hilarious and heartwarming movie about friendship and family.


Whether you’re looking for a classic animated movie, a heartfelt comedy, or a thought-provoking drama, there’s something for everyone when it comes to Thanksgiving movies. So grab some popcorn, gather the family, and enjoy one of these classic Thanksgiving movies this holiday season!

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