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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Sad Films You Can Watch

“A Star is Born” is a must-watch for those who want to experience a heartbreaking love story.

Many of us love to watch movies – whether they are comical or dramatic, thrilling or romantic. But one type of movie that is often overlooked is the sad movie. Sad movies can be a great way to connect to the characters’ emotions on the screen while allowing us to experience catharsis through their stories. This article will explore the ultimate guide to the best sad films you can watch.

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What Makes a Movie “Sad”?

Before diving into the best sad films, let’s define what makes a movie “sad.” Generally speaking, a movie can be considered “sad” if it evokes a feeling of sorrow in the viewer, either through its plot or through its characters’ experiences. This sorrow often comes from seeing characters undergo difficult times and struggle with difficult emotions, though it can also come from seeing a character’s journey come to an unexpected end.

The Classics: Timeless Sad Films

Some timeless classics are sure to make you cry when it comes to sad movies. One such classic is “Titanic,” the story of a young couple who fall in love with a sinking ship. The story of Jack and Rose is heartbreaking, and the film’s powerful score will ensure that you’ll be shedding tears by the end.

Another classic film is “The Notebook,” which tells the story of a couple who find their way back to each other despite all odds. The film’s emotional score and the story of true love that never dies will surely tug at your heartstrings.

For those who like a bit of comedy with their sadness, “Toy Story 3” is a must-watch. As Andy’s toys prepare to move on from their beloved owner, the film offers a touching story of letting go and saying goodbye.

Contemporary Sad Movies

Though many of the best sad movies are classics, some contemporary films are sure to make you shed a tear. “The Fault in Our Stars” tells the story of two teenagers who find love while battling cancer. The film’s beautiful score and powerful performances make it a must-watch.

Manchester by the Sea” is another contemporary classic. The story of a man struggling to come to terms with the death of his brother is sure to leave you in tears. The film’s raw emotion and heartbreaking performances make it an unforgettable experience.

Finally, “A Star is Born” is a must-watch for those who want to experience a heartbreaking love story. The film tells the story of two aspiring singers who find each other and fall in love, only to be torn apart by tragedy. The beautiful music and powerful performances make this film a must-watch.

The Best Sad Movies of All Time

Now that we’ve explored some of the best sad movies of the past and present, let’s look at some of the best sad movies of all time. “Schindler’s List” is a powerful and heartbreaking look at the Holocaust, and its powerful story and score will leave you in tears.

Forrest Gump” is another classic sad movie that has stood the test of time. The story of an unlikely hero who finds friendship and love during difficult times will have you reaching for the tissues.

Finally, “Gone with the Wind” is a timeless classic that will keep you riveted until the end. The epic story of Scarlett O’Hara’s journey through the Civil War and its aftermath will surely make you cry.


From timeless classics to modern-day masterpieces, plenty of sad movies are available. Whether you’re looking for a tearjerker or a heartwarming story, these films will ensure you’ll reach for the tissues. So grab some popcorn, turn off the lights, and settle in for a night of tears and laughter.

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