This Week on Netflix, Watch Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife

KC Frankenburger

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"Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife" from Netflix.
“Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife” from Netflix.

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Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife – 1 hr 4 min

Ali Wong first burst into the comedy scene last year with Ali Wong: Baby Cobra. This week, she’s back on Netflix with a hilarious new stand-up special.

Watch This If … you are a fan of John Mulaney who brings a kind of easy likeability and enthusiasm to his comedy. Ali is charmingly candid, and it’s for that reason exactly that we recommend this special to all moms and moms-to-be. Baby Cobra came just before the birth of her first child, and the experience has certainly informed her comedy in the best possible way. Her open and down-to-earth approach to comedy will knock you off your couch!

Skip This If … you hate laughter. (I kid!) Seriously though, you might want to pass on this if you’re easily offended by talk of sex and bodily functions. While not the most vulgar stand-up special, maybe skip it if your brand of comedy’s more of the PG-13 variety.

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