Agatha Christie Adaptations Everyone Should See


Agatha Christie is the undisputed queen of crime fiction. Her murder mysteries have been delighting readers and moviegoers alike for decades, and the trend is set to continue with the latest star-studded adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express. Before you watch Kenneth Branagh take on the iconic role of Hercule Poirot when the movies hits theaters on Nov. 9, check out a few of the best Agatha Christie adaptations to ever grace the big and small screens. These well-crafted tales of murder, mystery, and mayhem are sure to get you in the mood to watch Hollywood’s latest attempt at bringing Christie’s addictive novels to a wider audience.

Murder, She Said (1962) — Warner Archives

Warner Bros.

Miss Marple makes her big screen debut in this 1962 classic starring Margaret Rutherford. Based on 4:50 from Paddington, Miss Marple witnesses a strangulation on a train as it passes, and sets off to crack the case by joining the staff of a manor house.

And Then There Were None (1945) — Amazon Video/SnagFilms/Tubi/TCM

20th Century Fox

Ten people are invited to a dinner party on a remote island, and one by one they are murdered by a mysterious assailant that must be among them. This is one of two versions of the iconic story that will make its way onto this list.

The Alphabet Murders (1965) — Warner Archive

Warner Bros.

In this dark comedy, Poirot must figure out why a killer seems to be targeting people based on their initials.

The Witness for the Prosecution (2016) — Acorn TV


Sadly, the 1957 Billy Wilder film isn’t streaming anywhere, but this 2016 miniseries starring Toby Jones and Kim Cattrall is just as engaging. The death of an heiress becomes a ticking clock for a man who is desperate to prove his innocence.

Poirot — Acorn TV


There are 13 seasons of this British detective series, but you can pick any episode and find a mesmerizing take on Christie’s work. Some of the best of the bunch are “Hallowe’en Party,” “Hickory Dockory Dock,” and “Peril at End House.”

Agatha Christie’s Marple — Hulu/AcornTV


Once again, this is an expansive series, but Miss Marple’s adventures are self-contained enough for you to watch the episodes in whatever order you please. A few to get you started include “A Murder is Announced,” “Murder is Easy,” and “The Moving Finger.”

And Then There Were None (2015) — Acorn TV


Haunting, captivating, and remarkably fresh for an adaptation of a story that’s been around since 1938, the 2015 And Then There Were None miniseries will keep you guessing from the enigmatic opening scene until the final shot.

Christie’s iconic works have been adapted dozens of times, but there’s no reason to be daunted by the amount of shows and films at your disposal. After you watch the latest version of Murder on the Orient Express come back and binge on these mysteriously good adaptations.


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