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A Comedy Masterpiece Continues: The Great Season 3 on Hulu in Denmark

The Great Season 3 on Hulu

“The Great” is a TV comedy series that has captured the hearts of audiences since its debut in 2020. The show is a fictionalized retelling of the life of Catherine the Great, who rose to power in 18th-century Russia. It follows her journey from a young and naive German princess to a confident and cunning ruler navigating the palace’s political and personal intrigues.

Season 3 of “The Great” promises to continue the trend of witty humor and sharp writing that made the first two seasons so popular. With a talented cast led by Elle Fanning as Catherine and Nicholas Hoult as her husband, Peter III, the show’s creators have managed to balance historical accuracy with a modern sensibility, resulting in a refreshingly unique take on the period piece genre.

To watch The Great Season 3 on Reelgood or Hulu from Denmark, you may need to use a VPN service to bypass geographical restrictions imposed by FOX’s streaming platform, which is limited to certain countries and may not be available in Denmark. With a VPN, you can change your virtual location and access Hulu as if you were in the United States. We recommend using a reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN to ensure a smooth and secure streaming experience. In addition, an active subscription is still a must. 

Get Access to The Great Season 3 on Hulu from Denmark: How to Overcome Region Restrictions with a VPN

  1. Select and download a trustworthy VPN service on your device. We suggest using ExpressVPN for its speedy connection and robust security features.
  2. After installing and launching the VPN application, connect to a server in the United States.
  3. Once connected, open your preferred web browser and go to the Hulu website.
  4. Create a Reelgood and Hulu account or log in to your existing account.
  5. Select a subscription plan that includes access to The Great Season 3.
  6. Head to The Great Season 3 page on Hulu and begin streaming the latest episodes.
  7. Sit back and enjoy the clever humor and captivating plot of The Great Season 3 from anywhere in Denmark without any restrictions.

Get ready for the highly anticipated premiere of The Great Season 3

The Great Season 3 is set to debut on Hulu on Friday, May 12, 2023, and viewers can expect to enjoy all 10 episodes at once, as confirmed by the streaming service.

A Sneak Peek into The Great Season 3

The Great is a satirical, comedic period drama that follows the rise of Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia. Seasons 1 and 2 were set in the 18th century and depicted Catherine’s journey from a young, naive German princess to a powerful and cunning ruler with ambitions to modernize Russia. The show features a mix of historical accuracy and irreverent humor, showcasing the absurdities of the royal court and the political machinations that drive it.

Based on the previous seasons, it’s safe to assume that Season 3 of The Great will continue to follow Catherine’s reign as Empress of Russia and her attempts to assert her power against those who would seek to undermine her. It will likely feature a mix of political intrigue, palace scandals, and witty humor, all set against the backdrop of a rapidly changing world. Fans of the show can expect to be entertained by the irreverent and unconventional take on history that has made The Great a fan favorite.

What to Expect from The Great Season 3: Official Trailer and Teasers

When will The Great Season 3 be released? The upcoming season of The Great is set to debut on Hulu on Friday, May 12, 2023, with all ten episodes available for streaming at once, according to the streaming platform.

The Great Season 3: Meet the Talented Cast Behind the Show

Elle Fanning portrays Catherine the Great in The Great Season 3.

Nicholas Hoult plays the role of Peter III of Russia.

In addition to Peter, Nicholas Hoult also portrays the character of Yemelyan Pugachev in the show (from season 2 onwards).

Phoebe Fox stars as Marial, while Sacha Dhawan plays the character of “Orlo”, also known as Grigory Orlov.

Charity Wakefield portrays the role of Georgina Dymova, and Gwilym Lee plays the character of Grigor Dymov.

Adam Godley is seen as Archbishop “Archie,” while Douglas Hodge stars as General Velementov.

Belinda Bromilow plays Elizabeth, and Bayo Gbadamosi stars as Arkady.

Sebastian de Souza plays Leo Voronsky (in season 1), while Florence Keith-Roach portrays the character of Tatyana (from season 2 onwards, and recurring in season 1).

Lastly, Danusia Samal appears as Lady Antonia Svenska (in season 2, and recurring in season 1).

Fans eagerly anticipate the arrival of The Great Season 3.

Critics have given a range of reviews for The Great Season 3.

The writing in The Great Season 3 is exceptional, with clever plot twists and razor-sharp dialogue that keep viewers engaged. The show’s humor is a delightful addition, bringing lightness and levity to the otherwise heavy political landscape. Despite the show’s serious themes, it remains engaging, and the whimsy never loses its charm.

Discover alternative ways to watch The Great Season 3

Streaming platforms are the go-to source to catch up on the latest episodes of The Great Season 3. The show is available exclusively on Hulu, and an active subscription is necessary to access the series. However, it’s essential to note that simply using a VPN alone won’t be sufficient if Hulu is unavailable in your region.

If you’re looking to stream the show’s previous seasons, you can find the first two seasons of The Great on Starz with an active subscription. Additionally, Prime Video offers the first season of the show, and the second season is available for streaming with a Starz subscription. You can also watch the first season of The Great on Amazon for free.

So, whether you’re a new or a returning viewer, check out these streaming platforms to catch up on all the latest episodes of The Great Season 3 and previous seasons. 

Desperate for a new addiction to Hulu?

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  5. Palm Springs – A romantic comedy film about two strangers who get stuck in a time loop while attending a wedding in Palm Springs.

Note that the availability of movies and shows may vary depending on your region and Hulu subscription plan.


In the TV series, The Great, does Catherine experience romantic love?

After confessing her feelings for Peter, Catherine discovers that he was involved in her mother’s death, shattering her newfound happiness. Despite hoping for a loving family and finally finding the true love she has always longed for, Catherine is forced to confront the truth about Peter’s role in her mother’s tragic end.

Is The Great a historically accurate series?

The television series, titled onscreen The Great: An Occasionally True Story and later as The Great: An Almost Entirely Untrue Story, is a satirical black comedy-drama with historical elements. It is loosely inspired by the life of Catherine the Great, the Empress of All Russia, and her ascent to power.

What was the reason behind Marial’s betrayal of Catherine in The Great?

By the end of the first season, the character perceives a chance to regain her status as a noblewoman by revealing Catherine’s pregnancy and her plot to take over the throne to Peter (Nicholas Hoult), consequently betraying her closest friend.

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