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9 Amazing Shows You Can Watch for Free on Tubi TV

Tubi TV brings us Merlin.
Katie McGrath in “Merlin” from BBC.

Most people typically focus on the “big three” streaming services – Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu. But if you’re someone who’s budget conscious and are trying to cut back on your streaming expenses, fear not because free AND legal streaming sites are here to save the day! Tubi TV, in particular, has some awesome content available in their library.

Here, we list down the best nine shows to watch at absolutely no cost to you.


Following a young Merlin of Arthurian legend, this retelling of the young wizard’s awakening, is part coming-of-age tale and part action fantasy.

Everybody Hates Chris

This comedy was created by comedian Chris rock, and is loosely based on his life as a teenager in Brooklyn in the 1980s. One of the few shows that survived the UPN/WB merger (resulting in The CW), Everybody Hates Chris lasted for four seasons.


Flashpoint follows a fictional tactical team in Toronto, Canada. This Canadian police drama starred Hugh Dillon, Enrico Colantoni and Amy Jo Johnson. All 5 seasons are available on Tubi TV.

The Guardian

A lawyer who was busted for drugs must complete community service working with kids at a child advocacy office in order to avoid jail time. Meanwhile, he still has to juggle cases at his father’s big shot law firm

Beverly Hills, 90210

This teen drama premiered on fox in October of 1990, and quickly became a national pastime. Focusing on the lives of a pair of twins (Brandon and Brenda Walsh) who moved to the elite zip code of 90210 from Minnesota, the show follows the Walsh twins, and later their friends and loved ones, through 10 seasons.

7th Heaven

The Camden family of Glenoak, California is the focal point of the WB series 7th Heaven. As the title suggests, the family consists of seven children of varying ages. This is the show were Jessica Biel, who we recently saw return to TV in USA’s The Sinner, got her start.

Melrose Place

A spinoff of Beverly Hills, 90210, Melrose Place focuses on a group of twenty somethings living in an apartment complex in L.A. With explosive season finales, murder conspiracies, and one of TV’s first openly gay characters, Melrose Place earned its spot in the pop culture lexicon.

The IT Crowd

Set in a London office complex, this UK based comedy revolves around the daily working life of the IT department’s head Jen, who may or may not have lied about her technical prowess on her resume, and two of the department’s technicians, Moss and Roy.

The Dead Zone

This USA show stars Anthony Michael Hall as Johnny Smith, a man who has just awoken from a six-year coma with a new special ability.

Written by KC Frankenburger

Entertainment writer for Reelgood

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