10 TV Shows With Built-In Thanksgiving Marathons

Sabienna Bowman

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Thanksgiving is a time for hanging out with your family and friends. But it’s also a time for vegging out in front of the TV while you eat a turkey sandwich. Thankfully, some of your favorite TV shows have built-in Thanksgiving marathons that make combining the two best parts of the holiday easier than ever. Pop on any one of these shows and settle in for some Thanksgiving hijinks and hilarity that happen to be just as comforting as that slice of pumpkin pie you’re eating.

When it comes to the great American tradition of stuffing our faces while surrounded by loved ones, these 10 TV shows know what’s up.

Friends — Netflix

Warner Bros. TV

If not for Monica, Chandler, Joey, Ross, Rachel, and Phoebe, Friendsgiving probably wouldn’t be a thing. For 10 seasons the Central Perk gang made spending the holiday with your pals seem like an amazing idea, and now they’ve spawned a spinoff holiday. Celebrate by watching every glorious Turkey head and pinkie toe-losing moment on Netflix with your own group of best friends.

Party of Five — Netflix/Hulu

Sony Pictures Television

OK, so Party of Five’s three Thanksgiving episodes aren’t exactly iconic, but for anyone who came of age in the ’90s they’re sure to hit you straight in that mysterious region known as the feelings.

How I Met Your Mother — Hulu

20th Television

Slapsgiving is the greatest gift that How I Met Your Mother bestowed upon the world. Don’t squander your chance to relive the magic this holiday season.

Roseanne — Amazon Prime

CBS Television Distribution

Roseanne’s six Thanksgiving episodes will feel uncomfortably authentic and deeply hilarious to anyone who grew up just south of middle class.

Bob’s Burgers — Hulu/TBS

20th Century Fox

Sorry, Friends, but the 21st century best Thanksgiving episodes crown belongs to Bob’s Burgers. Spending the holiday with the Belchers is quickly becoming a holiday tradition, and it’s one that’s made all the better by absinthe and crazed turkeys.

New Girl — Netflix

20th Century Fox

Thanksgiving is always disastrous for Jess and her friends, but they just keep celebrating the holiday anyway. And that’s good news for the viewers, because the festive outings are some of the show’s best.

Home Improvement — Hulu

Buena Vista Television

Is Home Improvement dated? You betcha, but the show served up five heartwarming and funny Thanksgiving episodes that are just waiting for a rewatch.

Cheers — Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime/CBS All Access

CBS Television Distribution

If you only have time for a short marathon, then Cheers is the way to go, if only so you can witness the brilliance of “Thanksgiving Orphans.” (If you want to pad your run-time, toss in Frasier’s two holiday episodes — streaming in all the same places — for good measure.)

Mad Men — Netflix

Lionsgate Television

The specter of Thanksgiving visited Don Draper four times during Mad Men’s run, but the holiday was never put to more poignant use than it was in Season 1’s “The Wheel.”

Grey’s Anatomy — Netflix

ABC Television

Whether you love or hate the medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy has produced three entertaining Thanksgiving episodes that touch on the most heartwarming and hilarious parts of the American holiday.

Remember, nothing goes better with leftover stuffing than an episode of Thanksgiving-themed TV.

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